Week #04

This week over 75% of the holes were drilled to support the foundation for our future retreat. In addition, steel rebar “cages” were built and placed into the holes in order to increase the strength of the concrete.

Unfortunately, the work involved to build the type of foundation that I need in order to support a tall building in an old rice field is not typical for local builders. Specialized digging equipment and an enormous amount of steel and concrete is required. Not to mention a significant amount of money that will be completely invisible to all of our lovely, future guests (such as you, dear reader). But in order to have a rooftop bar with a view of the ocean that will be stable and long-lasting, that is the price that needs to be paid.

The pool was dug out by hand, rocks and concrete and steel was set as a rough “sub-floor”, and currently a flat concrete and wire mesh floor is being built on top of the sub-floor. It won’t be long before the walls are built and the hole looks like a real pool!

It will still take a while before we see the walls go up for the main structure, but the light is approaching quickly from the end of the tunnel:

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