Apartment-style Living in Pererenan

If you use your imagination you can see the following features of an apartment-style unit. There will be a total of four of them:

View of the upstairs

The mezzanine level support column is almost in the middle of the photo. To the left will be a staircase. A king bed and small bathroom will be upstairs, and a king bed, mini kitchen, and full bathroom will be downstairs.

Each unit should comfortably fit four adults or a medium-to-large family.

Hope to see you in early 2019.

Week #18

Perhaps this will not sound too exciting, but this week the workers removed the bamboo supports in the basement:

It may not look like much but to me it is a thing of beauty. Why? Because I lived through everything from the clearing of the land, to building an access road, to drilling concrete pilings into the mud mud mud….

It’s a victory to have a concrete slab floor, columns, beams, and a floor above the basement.

And work continues on building yet another floor.

Week #17

So far the rainy season has not begun, which means that steady progress on the structure happily continues.

Lately we’ve been bringing the workers some rare treats: one time chocolate wafer crackers and cold chocolate milk; another time a tropical fruit punch with loads of ice cubes.

The result is an immediate end to their work tasks and a small, gleeful frenzy over the goodies. The workers are very appreciative of even the smallest display of kindness.

We are tweaking the structural design ever so gently but each small change is an improvement. Adding planter boxes to the exterior and figuring out a replacement for the expensive wooden cladding that the architects chose to dress up the exterior has been mostly solved.

It’s been great to work with my builder, Wayan, as he is eager to add his ideas and to keep the prices within reason. I’m very grateful.